Edit: this quilt will be my third pattern! Please visit my shop on 9/1/20 for the Biased quilt pattern.

Scrappy String Quilt Top by jenniferworthen

It’s finally done!
Scrappy String Quilt Top by jenniferworthen
On a side note, this quilt top was too long for my fence. (Or is my fence too short for my quilt top?) Anyways, this is the back of my house. And I barely made it up there with a chair. Nevertheless, I wonder if I can get my husband to install something permanent for my quilt pictures…. ha! But I digress.
Pink:Red:Orange:Yellow by jenniferworthen
I actually had to buy some scrap packs in yellow, orange, and purple to get this thing done. Ironic, considering that the purpose was to use up scraps, and I think I ended up with more than I started. Oops!
Green:Blue:Purple by jenniferworthen
Despite the long wait and all of the hard work (tearing a million tiny strips of paper off the back of 42 blocks, anyone?), it was totally worth it. Because I love it even more now than I did when it was just an idea in my head.
This quilt top will be linked up at Stitched in Color‘s Scrap Attack Quilt-Along Festival, which starts on Monday, so be sure to check out all of the beautiful scrappy inspiration!