December Woodlands Sampler

I finally finished December in my Woodlands Sampler a few weeks ago. The home looks quite cozy in all that snow. Though now I’m wondering if I missed a trunk on one of those trees…

Woodlands Sampler Progress

I’ve gotten a little on the last square finished, but I think I’m going to rip out that banner and do it in another color. I knew I wouldn’t like it when I started, and now that I see it in these pictures, I like it even less. It’s just too bright to sit next to everything else.

As I was taking these pictures. it dawned on me that I have a bit of the woodlands in my own backyard.

Pine Tree 1

Here is one pine tree in our backyard,

Pine Tree 2

and here is the other. Kind of amazing, isn’t it? I’ve never lived in a place with pine trees before (at least since I was very, very young), so it’s pretty neat to have these sitting so close to us. They really are quite beautiful.