Happy Thanksgiving
image by John-Morgan via Flickr Creative Commons

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s 80 degrees here today, so it doesn’t really feel like Thanksgiving should be here already, but oh well. It’ll be cold tomorrow.

Thanksgiving at the Trolls
image by floodlama via Flickr Creative Commons
I’m so excited for our meal tomorrow. For the first time ever, and without the help of my mom, I’m making everything from scratch. Aaaah! We looked at getting a meal from a restaurant/grocery store, but it was so expensive, and I knew I could make much better food for much less money. (I was right on the money part – I only spent $50 for everything!) Most of the recipes are from The Pioneer Woman, who has never let me down, so I’m confident that everything will turn out amazing. Here’s what I’ll be making today and tomorrow:

And for leftovers, I’m planning on Turkey Pot Pie and Mom’s Turkey a la King (my absolute favorite, and a after-thanksgiving must).

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!