I’ve had a bit of a sewing block recently. I think all sewers and crafters know what I’m talking about; it just seems like so much effort to sit down in front of my machine. Because of this, I’m way behind on sewing gifts, and there is no way they are all going to get done before Friday. Thank goodness for friends and family that will be just as happy to wait until January!

Apron in an Hour

I did manage to sew up a little apron for my mother-in-law. I used the Apron in an Hour tutorial using some of Sandi Henderson’s Ginger Blossoms and Patty Young’s Mezzanine, and it really did only take an hour! This came together so quickly; the only thing I added was some extra top-stitching along the waistband. I had forgotten how much faster sewing goes when it is only straight lines! I think I’ll add this to my repertoire of quick patterns for last-minute gifts.

Sequin Ornament 2

I also found out how much fun making sequin and bead ornaments is. This type of project is great when you have a sewing block because it doesn’t take much concentration and you can work while watching a movie. I modeled this ornament off of this sequined tree tutorial, and I think it came out super cute. I have two more to make, and these will go to three of my favorite sewers who are probably reading this right now. (Pretend to be surprised!) I’ll probably make a few for myself as well….

By the way, the fabulous fabric designer Paula Prass is having a fun giveaway on her blog Show + Tell called “When Santa Visits Go Wrong.” I don’t have any pictures of me visiting Santa or any kids yet, but I submitted a picture of my little puppy Amy on her first (and last) visit with Santa. Go check it out; the pictures are quite amusing. Who knew that visiting Santa could be so traumatizing?