Time for an update on how the garden is growing. We have a bell pepper! It turns out that the plants that aren’t doing well that I thought were the bell peppers are actually the jalepenos. So we might not be able to make homemade salsa, but we will be able to make fajitas.

The tomato plants are growing like crazy. We have a bunch of green tomatoes growing and more flowers blooming.

And the peaches are almost here! We thinned the fruit two weekends ago and pulled off a ton of fruit. Apparently it won’t reduce the total poundage produced by the tree, so this means we’ll get bigger peaches and fewer broken branches.

Something I’m especially excited about is the fact that they are all different sizes. There are some that are huge and some that are tiny. We’ll have a few weeks worth of ripe peaches because of this, instead of a ton ready all at once. Mmm, peach cobbler for a few weeks. I can’t wait!