The garden is progressing quite nicely given my inexperience and lack of time to weed. :) The rosemary is starting to bloom. I haven’t really loved the color purple since I was twelve, but I have to admit, the lavender color is quite lovely.

The mint is growing like a weed. It looks like both of these will need re-potted soon. They smell sooooo good.

I kept a green bean plant in the house that had a broken stalk but kept growing anyway. I thought it would die, but lo and behold, it has beans now! I counted this morning and there are four; not quite enough for a side dish, but still exciting. This indoor one is “fruiting” (is that the right word for vegetables?) faster than the outdoor ones, too.

Most of the pink peach blossoms have fallen, but in their places are a bazillion tiny peaches. I will need to thin them at some point. It should be less than a month before we have a whole tree-full of peaches. And yes, I plan on sharing!

The only other plant that is doing well is the peas. And yes, the picture is blurry; I couldn’t figure out how to get the camera to focus on the foreground instead of the background when I was taking pictures of my plants. Anyway, I worked more on the support for the peas yesterday and found around 10 pods already.

Some of the other plants are not doing well, namely the zucchini, cucumbers, and bell peppers. We’ll probably make a trip back to Home Depot this weekend to exchange them out. Thank goodness they refund for dead plants!