I’ve been eyeing this file folder organizer tutorial for a while now, and since my sewing area was in complete disarray last night due to some rearranging, I decided to make a go at it. Chase decided he wanted to be in the photo this morning, and I couldn’t say no to that face (even though moments before he was licking the organizer). He does look kind of King-Kong-ish next to it, doesn’t he?

Anyway, this is it up close,

and unfolded. Now I have a cute way to arrange coupons that are set aside for certain stores for their sales. I didn’t realize before I started that (a) I really need a paper cutter, since scissors and I don’t really get along, and (b) this tutorial asked the maker to be creative and make up a lot of things along the way. Not that I’m complaining; I’m just used to having specific instructions for what color to put where, etc. I survived with having to make decisions on my own, and I included some post-its and a little calendar along with the paperclip pockets. The tutorial even reminded users that if you have an RSVP pen, you can wrap up some paper and insert it so that your pen matches. Love it! This is definitely coming with me to CVS this Sunday. Now on to some sewing!

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