Ok, so I didn’t get around to making a belt, but I did make…..

my first skirt! It’s a little wrinkly since I wore it to church this morning, but it was really simple to make, and since it was my first one, I of course learned plenty of lessons while making it. I ended up meshing ideas from the 5 Minute Skirt and from the Twirly Skirt since my fabric was not stretchy in any way. After I made it, I realized why a bunch of elastic and fabric in the midsection isn’t neccesarily the best idea for adult women (oops). The top part does look bunchy under a shirt, so my next skirt will have to involve a zipper (gasp). I also learned that the front of my skirts need to be shorter than the back so that when I wear them, they are the same length. I ended up having to shorten the front by an inch because I originally made the front and back the same length. And the last thing I learned was….. I love having custom made skirts! I’m only 5’3″, so I always have problems finding skirts that hit right at the knee. So many skirts in stores go way past my knee and make me look even shorter than I am. I already have plans for two more skirts, which I actually do need, since I am going to give a talk at a math conference in three weeks. It will be fun to show off my new skirts there. :) Yay!

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