I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. My husband and I had a wonderful break from working. It is nice to be able to relax and not think about work! I even got to sew some and plan out our garden for the spring, and I am very excited about both.

One of my parents’ Christmas gifts to our wonderful puppies, Chase and Amy, was fabric to make covers for their beds. I picked out a cute pink stripe flannel for Amy (and somehow I didn’t measure quite right, so hers doesn’t overlap like it should on the bottom), and a super cute puppy flannel for Chase.

I had to put a zoom of the fabric for Chase’s because it is so adorable. It even says “good boy!”

I also made a kennel liner for Chase’s kennel so that his nails aren’t so noisy when he is inside. I used a black denim that I got for free from Craigslist, and used a piece of his bed cover fabric to make a bone cut-out. I sewed a diagonal stitch in white around it, and I love it! The next time I make bed covers, I’m going to add this to those.

I’m writing up patterns for both of these to post as free patterns. If anyone has dogs and wants to try these out, let me know!

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