With all of the rain this week, a million weeds have sprung up in the garden. There were more than enough before the rain, but now its pretty unbelievable. Does anyone know of a good way to get rid of them? Is my only option to hand-pick every single one? I’ve already been pulling the weeds, but every time the dirt gets wet, they spring up all over again. I found out that there is something called pre-emergence weed killer that I didn’t use in the garden, and will definitely do for the spring. Unless there is a better way, it looks like I’m going to start pulling weeds tomorrow.

Some of the bell pepper plants have holes in the leaves! This one looks like it is being eaten by a bug. Looks like I need to spray it with an organic bug killer.

These two look less like a bug and more like a disease. I need to do some research to see what is going on here.

But there is some good news – both of the tomato plants have flowers that have started to open! Woohoo! If anyone has suggestions on the weeds and bugs, please let me know!